Stay at Home Devs

Homegrown software, uncomplicated.

What We Do

Stay At Home Devs is the name of our company. We do most of our development at home, around our family, or close by at the library. Over time, our name has influenced much more than our physical location. It has shaped the principles behind our business.

Our software is not just a collection of code. It’s a promise to provide support, product growth, and stability. We make software that works. Every day we fix bugs, answer emails, and make our products better. We listen to our users. What we build is for you.

Small software vendors (µISVs) are continuing to delight users. Producing high powered software is no longer restricted to big companies. Being small - and intimate - allows us to fix problems in a small town, local vendor sort of way. Check out our software. I think you will agree.

Game Data Editor

GDE is a comprehensive data management solution. It comes with intuitive and flexible Visual Data Editors. It also generates the code to access your data. This gets you going quickly allowing you to make your data structure and access it in game easily. GDE has support for Playmaker and iCode, Encryption, Google Sheets, and much, much, more.

Plus it's properly documented in English rather than jargon or basic auto-doc! Very rare these days to have a library/asset get the same attention to its use as to its implementation.

David Coombes

Developer is very quick to respond and product is really, REALLY, useful

Niall Edwards

The Devs are quick to answer questions too. Great product!

Thomas Sutherland

Localization Editor

LE is our latest product in the Unity Asset Store. Building on the good things of GDE, we designed a simple workflow for using Google Sheets as a data store for translations. LE contains a Sync tool to keep your game strings in Unity up to date with Google Sheets. It makes working with other developers - and translations - that much easier.

One click will process texts in the scene, and you're pretty much done with all of the text in your scene. You can guess how much time that would take you.

chino maker

One last word, I must mention that, developer of this editor has the quickest support service on the asset store. So you will not wait a bit if you have a question or need a quick tip.

chino maker

About Us

As a mother of three she has found a way to develop software and raise her family with love. She is constantly learning and using new technologies. Her coding practice is either bouncing around in her seat to Martin Garrix, or loudly belting out 90’s tunes. Helping our users is her favorite part of the job.

His chosen work environment is Emacs on Linux. As the universe would have it, he spends half his time testing our software on Windows (not just the pretty looking Macs). With software embedded in all aspects of our lives, it needs to work more than ever. Exceptions can be caught, bugs can be fixed, designs can be better. You’ll often find him fixing bugs before working on new features.

Contact Us

Celeste is the main voice on the Unity Forums. She loves hearing from our users. Send her a question - or a thank you - any time. She’s always around. I’m not entirely sure that she sleeps.